Poster of Summer parties and Cabanas and Conceição released

As the Festival of the summer in Tavira, there’s the FACARTE poster (fair of hunting and craftmanship on Conceição de Tavira), taking place at Conceição main street, from 4 to 6 August and the Fishermen Party of Cabanas de Tavira, from 18 to 20 August, on the Cabanas Fisherman cottage. Cabanas fishermen warehouse (after the […]

What's going on Tavira 'til the end of August

Tiago Bettencourt, Fisherman Festivies on Cabanas, Antiquities and Old Market on Tavira, Emigrant festivities in S. Estêvão, among others. Complete information: (português)

Virtual tour by Cabanas waterfront

Thanks to this new "Marvel" (for some will not be that … but an invasion of privacy) called Google Street View, and the millions of images that were taken in the streets around the world by a car from Google that crossed all unimaginable places you can imagine. and the work of developers and teehan […]