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Rosa Viana Lda, manager of Casa Viana Guesthouse, assumes the commitment and responsibility to reduce its environmental footprint, adopting a policy of Good Environmental Practices and seeking to be an example in the community where it operates. We are aware that this is continuous work, which is why we make the greatest efforts so that we walk together towards an increasingly cleaner future, thus also complying with the Sustainable Development Goals of the United Nations 2030 Agenda.

We are a Green Key venture

The “Green Key” program is an international award that promotes Sustainable Tourism in Portugal through the recognition of tourist establishments, local accommodation, campsites and restaurants that implement good environmental and social practices, that value environmental management in their establishments and that promote Environmental Education for Sustainability.

When you choose to stay in a Green Key development, you are helping to protect the environment.

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Our Best Practices:


– Improve management and optimize water consumption throughout the property.

Hygiene and Cleaning

– We want all our detergents to have the environmental seal, to be biodegradable and environmentally friendly.

– We reduce the number of washes and use only the strictly necessary amount of detergents for cleaning.


– We recycle and separate all waste correctly and responsibly;

– We avoid food waste;

– We avoid buying products with single-use packaging.


– All our light bulbs are LED or durable energy efficient;

– We have sensors in the exterior lighting to minimize the energy consumed;

– A system to control the use of air conditioning in the rooms has been installed.

Food and drinks

– We offer local, organic products with an environmental seal or fair trade.

– We take steps to reduce food waste.

Indoor and outdoor environment

– This is a smoke-free property, so smoking is prohibited in any room and in closed common spaces, this practice being possible only in outdoor spaces and duly indicated;

– We only use biological products to treat our materials and our plants;

– We reduced irrigation consumption.

Green activities

– We provide information on natural parks, gardens, landscapes and protected areas in the region.

– We promote healthy lifestyles, indicating where bicycles and other ecological means of transport can be rented.

– We organize educational activities to raise awareness of local environmental issues.

Collaborate with us! The Planet Thank You!