Cabanas de Tavira

The Casa Cabanas as seen from the air (old photo)Viana Guesthouse is located in the village of Cabanas de Tavira in front of the Ria Formosa.

Boat Trip to the beachCabanas is a former fishermen village that awakened for the tourism about 30 years ago, and there are less and less fishermen going to the sea, you can see some fishing boats in the little docks at the riverside’s end, walking westward.


Riverside view from the promenadeCabanas were the target of a re-qualification that ended in 2010. During that time a promenade were installed in the place of the old wall that were protecting the main Cabanas boulevardl, which allows now that the pedestrian can walk freely without worrying about the traffic, that now goes just in a one-way direction, west to east. This last change has eased the traffic inside the town.


Along the riverside you will find many different options about the food – from restaurants where you can find the best typical food until internacional food.